“Ken Hallum was responsive and active in handling the issues of my case. He was really honest too, with the ups and downs, I never felt like he was too optimistic, or too negative, in the potential outcome of my case. And on a personal level, in communications and discussing options, he was very honest and perfectly ethical. He is an excellent attorney.” -Brandon

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Kenneth Hallum is a criminal defense lawyer, admitted to the California State Bar Association in 2004, and whose focus is near exclusive on driving under the influence defense in California. As a private defense attorney, he has also served as a conflict public defender, and court appointed criminal defense attorney.  As a former police officer, he served on a DUI enforcement unit creating a unique understanding of both sides of the DUI arrest. This gives him, as well as you, this unique advantage.  As a DUI defense attorney, Kennnth Hallum is dedicated to an understanding of the art and science of California DUI defense with memberships in the California DUI Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,  the California Public Defenders Association, and the State Bar of California.

Memberships / Associations:

  • California DUI Lawyers Associations
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • State Bar of California; SBN 233026
  • California Public Defenders Association

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