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If you are facing a Santa Barbara DUI or traffic case, Kenneth M. Hallum is a Santa Barbara DUI and traffic attorney whose focus is exclusive on driving under the influence and traffic defense. As a former police officer, Ken has a unique perspective that gives his clients a powerful advantage.

From Kenneth M. Hallum:

santa-barbara-dui-attorney-dwiMy name is Kenneth M. Hallum, a Santa Barbara DUI attorney. I may be the only DUI attorney Santa Barbara has that is a former DUI-cop, giving us a unique advantage. I have dedicated myself to an understanding of the art and science of California DUI defense. I handle every case personally. I offer experienced, tenacious legal representation with an understanding of the complex and ever-changing DUI laws. I promote your interests above all with aggressive solutions, individualized challenges, and appropriate defense strategies, including possible plea bargain DUI options with the best possible outcome in mind.


Being accused as a Santa Barbara drunk driver is a confusing and difficult time. You have worries, and questions. You expect straight answers from an ethical, tough advocate who will explore all your options. Let me help you keep your car keys, driver’s license, freedom (and sanity). I will contend with both your DUI, driver’s license at the DMV license suspension. The stakes are high; don’t let your case worsen over time.


Wishing you the best,


Kenneth M. Hallum

License Suspension

License Suspension
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First Offense DUI

First Offense DUI
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Plea Bargain DUI

Plea Bargain DUI
Field sobriety tests are NOT MANDATORY in California. Santa Barbara DUI lawyers are often asked this very question. In fact there is no state law that requires a... [Read More]

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