Contact A Santa Barbara Dui Attorney For Accountant And Cpa Help With Duis

Contact a Santa Barbara DUI Attorney for Accountant and CPA Help With DUIs

So your case is one of the few that has gone to court. You are awaiting trial. You wonder if there is anything you can do to protect your assets, you bank account and your lifestyle when this is all over. You wonder what you can do legally to manage your finances should you go to jail. And you may wonder how to manage all the costs associated with a DUI.

Engage a Good CPA to Help You with Your DUI Case

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) perform a broad range of services including accounting, which is their namesake. They also provide financial consulting, assist in filing financial documents, may file taxes for individuals and businesses, and offer a broad range of advice in legal and medical cases.

Suppose your DUI case includes personal injury to you or someone else, a CPA can help you decipher insurance benefits, health care costs, and offer advice on settlements. Suppose your DUI case includes damage to public or private property, a CPA can help freeze your assets. They can also offer sound advice on settlements and paying debts incurred.

General Duties of CPAs for DUI’s may include:

  • Preparing and verifying financial documents
  • Analyzing budgets and planning finances
  • Financial advice relating to the case or personal assets
  • Bookkeeping and general consulting
  • Information regarding health or auto insurance policies
  • Freezing assets to protect them
  • Assistance understanding legal documents, filing them, and more

Finding Your Support Team after a DUI

Your first step in battling your DUI case is rallying your support team. You will need a good DUI lawyer to take you through the legal steps, stand by your side, and keep you from going to trial, if he can. Second, you will need a good notary to make sure your paperwork is properly notarized and correctly filed. Third, you will need a bailbond company to help you get back to work and your family as soon as possible. Fourth, you will need to rally family support to help you through this emotionally trying time, give you rides to appointments, and support you financially. Fifth, you will need a CPA if you have any assets or a lucrative job.

It’s not just about getting out of a DUI case, its about winning your DUI case by protecting your life, lifestyle, and assets so you can resume a normal life as soon as possible. Without a CPA to guide you through the financial process, you may lose some assets or property should your case go through trial.

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Battling A DUI Trial? You'll Need A Good Accountant CPA

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