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Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Explains Getting a Santa Barbara DUI

Santa Barbara DUI Policy And Process

When it comes to getting a DUI, Santa Barbara is one city that is not afraid to hand them out. In Santa Barbara County, there are almost 3,000 arrests every year for drunk driving. Of those, about 80% are male drivers. If you are pulled over for a suspected DUI, Santa Barbara law enforcement will typically start by performing a field sobriety test, portable breath test, and asking questions to determine your level of intoxication. California has a zero tolerance policy on DUI of any kind, so don’t expect anyone to take it easy on you, whether you’ve had one drink or ten.

Santa Barbara DUI

If you are going to get a DUI, Santa Barbara is not the place that you want to get it. Law enforcement is serious here, and there is a 92% conviction rate in Santa Barbara County for DUI cases. The process of getting a Santa Barbara DUI starts with the field sobriety test. You may be asked to do a balance test, an eye following test, recite your alphabet backwards, walk a line, or count or clap with your hands. These tests are all performed to test your motor skills, coordination, balance, and overall mental clarity.

If you fail a field sobriety test, Santa Barbara DUI policy typically requests you to take a breathalyzer in the field. This is a portable test and not a substitute for chemical testing, but it is enough to arrest you for a DUI and detain you for chemical testing back at the station. If you refuse the field test, you may be taken in anyway. If you refuse a chemical test, you are basically admitting guilt in the eyes of the law and need to hire a very good attorney to help you win your case.

Penalties for a Santa Barbara DUI are just as serious as the DUI arrest process. If you get a DUI, Santa Barbara officials and state officials can impose fines, probation, community service, alcohol classes, jail time, license suspension or revocation, and can even impound your car. In order to make sure that you understand what you are facing, it is important for you to know the penalties that come with a Santa Barbara DUI, California.  There are more than 300,000 residents to protect in Santa Barbara, and law enforcement officials take DUI offenses very seriously in their duty to protect and serve.

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  1. If you are going to get a DUI, Santa Barbara is not the place that you want to get it. — If anyone is planning to get a DUI get it another place. LOL!! Scratch that, it’s bad. Anyway, a DUI arrest will always be unpleasant, no matter where you are because of all the consequences it brings to the you not just getting arrested.

  2. This post is very helpful. I think the strict policies and harsh policies are appropriate considering the number of drunk drivers. Driving while intoxicated is a very serious matter.

  3. The statistics as revealed in this article are really quite frightening. It is quite evident that there are strict penalties for DUI, particularly in Santa Barbara. Hope more people become aware of the consequences of drunk driving.

  4. DUI penalties could really mean a huge trouble on your part. If you are in Santa Barbara, you should find the best DUI defense lawyer to help you. This post is very helpful, by the way.

  5. In Santa Barbara County, DUI are taken very seriously. With a 92% conviction rate for DUI cases, it is really crucial that you hire the best lawyer to fight for your case.

    DUI does not end in an arrest. The penalties can put you in deep trouble unless you minimize these with a qualified DUI attorney.


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