Santa Barbara Dui Lawyer Answers Car Insurance Questions A Dui

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Answers Car Insurance Questions a DUI

It might be assumed that your car insurance rate will be affected after receiving a DUI, but did you know that other types of insurance could be affected as well, including life insurance?

Let’s first take a look at car insurance. You will most likely have to file an SR-22 if you are convicted of a DUI. An SR-22 is a statement of financial responsibility that serves as proof that you have the proper amount of insurance that your state has required you to have. Depending on your situation, you may have to file an SR-22 for several years. The amount of time an SR-22 remains active is based on your state and the incidental factors surrounding your DUI. Having an SR-22 often puts you in the higher risk category with auto insurance companies, which means your rates could increase and remain higher several years after you receive a DUI. A DUI stays on your DMV record for 3 years. Usually after 3 years, you will no longer need to have an SR-22 and your car insurance rate will no longer be affected by the DUI conviction.

If you have received a DUI in the last few months or years, you might find it difficult to obtain life insurance too! There are a number of factors that may influence the price you pay for your life insurance policy. Your age, health status and criminal record will play an important role no matter what your circumstances are. The insurance agency will also look into your driving history to determine your risk of driving under the influence again.

A DUI charge that is at least 10 years old will have no negative consequences at most insurance agencies. Unfortunately, more than one DUI in the last 10 years will make it incredibly difficult for you to receive approval at any life insurance company.

If you have a DUI conviction and need to obtain auto or life insurance, or an SR-22, Hallum Law recommends calling Tomm & Buck Insurance Services. Tomm & Buck insurance agent Mark E. Tomm can be reached at (805) 683-0096.

If you find yourself facing a DUI arrest report you should find a DUI Lawyer that can help navigate you thru the court system as well as the after math such as obtaining insurance and properly completing probation. One of the biggest mistake someone with a DUI conviction will often make is thinking that the process is finished once the judge convicts them. Hiring a Santa Barbara DUI attorney will give you the best possible chances at fighting the penalties for a DUI conviction.  Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Kenneth M. Hallum offers a free case consultation. Call today, 805-564-3101.

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