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Santa Barbara Attorney Recommends 3 Santa Barbara Insurance Firms

SR 22 is an insurance certificate from your insurance company. It acts as proof that they cover you with adequate enough insurance to keep your driver’s license. SR22 is required by DMV to keep your license in good standing after a DUI. If the policy is revoked or cancelled for any reason, the insurance company is required to send DMV a form SR 26 which will result in your license being revoked or suspended.

Santa Barbara Attorney Recommends 3 Santa Barbara Insurance Firms

Why Do You Need SR 22 Certificate?

You will need a SR 22 certificate or high-risk insurance certificate if you have:

  • A DUI or DWI, or have any serious moving violation or reckless driving on your record.
  • Been caught driving without insurance.
  • Received too many tickets within a short period of time or have repeatedly made the same offenses.
  • Have a suspended or revoked license for any reason.
  • Driving without headlights at night.
  • Even Failure to pay child support.

SR 22 is for other motorist safety. If you are responsible for a serious accident, it enables them to receive compensation quickly. And it will help your insurance company pay out the maximum of the bond to the victim and collect the difference from you.

Additionally, your insurance premium will go up. . Even if your chosen insurance company says it will not, it will go up any time there is a change on your record into the negative. Your insurance will continue at a higher rate for 5, 10, 15, 20 years or even for life. It is in your best interest, to shop around and find not just the best rates, but the best policies and look into how those companies treat other similar cases.

What Does Our Santa Barbara Attorney Recommend?

As the best DUI lawyer here in Santa Barbara, I have first-hand experience in what has worked for my clients as far as getting special SR 22 insurance certification. These three firms have provided fair and equitable policies. They have put themselves out there to help you get back on the road, fully insured:

When choosing a policy provider, don’t just look at the premium. First consider the company you want to sign a policy with. How long has the company been in business? And how much experience they have working with people who have DUI’s, DWI’s, and other negative reports on their driving record.

One of the most important things to look for is the cancellation and suspension guideline written into the policy. One of the most crucial things to look for is the cancellation and suspension guideline written into the policy. You may have your insurance policy canceled and your license suspended by DMV. If you are simply a day or two late for payment. Larger companies who have experience in this field can be more flexible and may give you more leeway. It is important to research experienced companies and their policies carefully, so you are well protected.



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Santa Barbara Attorney Recommends 3 Santa Barbara Insurance Firms

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