Santa Barbara DUI Cops honored

Santa Barbara DUI Cops Honored for Alcoholic Beverage Controls Program

A group of 41 Santa Barbara County law enforcement officers who collectively made 1,656 drunken-driving arrests last year were honored Tuesday in Buellton. The officers were recognized as part of an advanced training seminar sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the county’s multiple agency DUI crackdown known as “Avoid the 12.” Resources  outlined to investigate and prosecute DUIs was Alcoholic Beverage Control’s TRACE program, which allows investigators to determine where alcohol was purchased, and the ARIDE program, which helps officers spot non-alcohol related impairment. With more resources available for training and supporting law enforcement personnel, spotting and apprehending DUI suspects will be more efficient than ever. The message is clear in Santa Barbara County efforts are underway and increasing to apprehend suspected DUI drivers. With these increased efforts come the not so mentioned statistical pressures of performance highlighted by the honoring of quantity. For the unsuspecting Santa Barbara driver comes the chance of becoming a “notch on the post.” The Avoid the 12 patrols are scheduled over Memorial Day weekend from May 27 to 30. If you are arrested or are facing a Santa Barbara DUI, it is imperative you know your rights, options, and defenses. Contact Kenneth M. Hallum today!

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