Top 3 Ignition Interlock Manufacturers Worth Reviewing After A DUI Suspension

Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Reviews Interlock Ignition Device after DUI Suspension

As of 2009, nearly all 50 states have some laws regarding the use of ignition-interlock devices as an alternative to other methods of sentencing after a DUI or DWI suspension. In California, the court must legally impose the interlock device and only for a maximum of three years from the date of conviction. To receive a restricted license, some counties now require the driver to meet certain requirements, such as the installation of an interlock device.

Top 3 Ignition Interlock Manufacturers Worth Reviewing After A DUI Suspension

Top 3 Ignition Interlock Manufacturers Worth Reviewing

If you are facing a DUI suspension of your license and need to maintain your driving freedom or desire a temporary driving permit, then you will need to begin researching an ignition interlock device. Finding the best product that works for your vehicle should be one of your priorities. Do not delay; begin looking for a company right away.

We recommend three top companies worth your time who provide great service:

These are companies our previous clients have had great success with as part of their probation requirements. Finding the right company, with the right program, with the right product for your vehicle, at the right price is highly important. Finding it right away BEFORE you make it to that first appointment or court date is even better. It will show your willingness to do what it takes to comply with the law and your probation.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Also known as a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, a (IID or BAIID) is like a breathalyzer. It is installed on the dashboard of your motor vehicle. Before you can start the vehicle, and at random times while driving the vehicle, you are required to breathe into the device. If breath alcohol concentration is higher than the programmed allowable concentration, the device prevents the vehicle from starting. . If the device is in motion, the IID begins an alarm system if the random test detected alcohol.

The device will warn the driver by flashing the lights and honking the horn until a clean breath is detected or the engine is shut off. The device also keeps a record of breath tests, and these are printed out at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals. If violations are detected, additional sanctions will be implemented. Installation, maintenance, and calibration run the driver a monthly fee of about $75.

A list of federally approved IID devices is maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s conforming product list. Most U.S. states now permit judges to order the installation of the device as a condition of probation for repeat DUI offenders, first offenders, and in some stares installation may be mandated by law for anyone with a DUI suspension. MADD launched a campaign advocating mandatory installation for all offenders. Some politicians are even advocating the device as standard equipment on all motor vehicles sold.

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Top 3 Ignition Interlock Manufacturers Worth Reviewing After A DUI Suspension

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