Won The DUI Lottery? Find A DUI Lawyer & A Good Notary

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Talks Bail, Notary, and Breathalyzer Tests

After you get stopped by the police under suspicion of driving under the influence, there are a few things you will need to do right away. If you are arrested after taking or refusing a breathalyzer test, you will need to use your phone call to find a dui lawyer. If you were involved in an accident, you will need a good notary coupled with a bail company and your family; these are your allies to returning to a normal life.

Find A DUI Lawyer and A Good Notary

First, Find a Good Dui Lawyer

The best dui lawyer will be someone who is local, who has a legal background and even experience in delaying with dui cases. Ideal this would be someone who has been on the other side, a dui officer. This is your first ally in beating the system if you won the dui lottery. He will be your first and foremost advocate in leaping through the legal hoops and sorting the mess out.

Second, Find a Good Notary

Finding a good notary is especially valuable if you have been involved in an accident or damaged private or public property. In addition to other paperwork you may need to get notarized when filing dui and license paperwork, you will need to file consent not to sue. This will be your protection in keeping the other party from taking you to court and making an unpleasant situation worse. This may enable you to settle out of court and make the entire process so much easier.

Third, Find a Good Bail Company

If you have been arrested and taken to jail on a dui charge you entire life, livelihood, and family is at stake. Getting out as soon as possible so that you can keep your job and your home is your first priority.Jail time results in time off from work, this leads to loss of income, and this may lead to losing home and family.

Fourth, Rally Family Support

Your family is your best ally for support as you are going through this difficult time. They can help you with rides, help you post bail, and provide moral and emotional support. They are your best hope and what you are fighting for.

Find a Good Notary, a Good Dui lawyer, a good bail company, and rally family support. The key to giving yourself a fighting chance is getting stuff done and making it to the appointments on the first day. Do not delay, if you do not get the right dui lawyer on your side, get the paperwork properly notarized, and make all appointments and paperwork filed by the deadlines, you will face jail time, bigger fines, prison, or worse.

Do not delay in finding a good notary right away. . From the first day you are released from jail, you will need to field paperwork, set appointments, and get your life back. A notary can help you make sure your paperwork is notarized and correctly filed.

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Find A DUI Lawyer and A Good Notary

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