Santa Barbara Attorney Handling Multiple DUIs

Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Can Handle Multiple DUI Situations From First Offense

Multiple DUI Situations

If you are facing a DUI charge but have been previously convicted, you are subject to much harsher penalties than for a first time offender.  It is vital to retain the services of an experienced Santa Barbara DUI attorney if you are in this situation.  Failing to take this arrest seriously could land you in jail and without driving privileges for quite some time, in addition to heavy fines.

Because of the severity of the charges, you attorney will need to be top-notch and ready with all the skill and aggressive defense necessary to attempt to lower or get  your charges dismissed.  Having been a former police officer for over 22 years, Attorney Kenneth M. Hallum has extensive experience in the DUI field, not only as a police officer, but through continued studies of all possible issues affecting a DUI outcome.  Attorney Hallum will personally see your case through every step of the way, providing you with excellent legal representation.

Penalties For Multiple DUIs

You will find California has little patience for repeat DUI offenses.  The consequences can be quite severe, not only for the fines and jail time, but afterwards.  Insurance-rate increases, legal bills, alcohol treatment and more can push the cost into thousands of dollars by the time you pay bail, towing, insurance, legal fees, fines, alcohol evaluation, alcohol education and treatment, and license reinstatement fees. There are also the unexpected and sometimes unquantifiable costs to life-insurance-premiums, lost time, or worse, lose of a job. Listed below are just some of the main penalties for subsequent DUIs:

Second DUI Offense
2 year license suspension
96 hours to 1 year in county jail
DUI School for 18 months
Fines and court fees of up to $2800

Third DUI Offense
3 year license suspension
4 months to 1 year in county jail
DUI School for 18 months
Fines and court fees of up to $2800 or more

Fourth DUI Offense (considered a felony)
4 year license suspension or revocation
Up to 3 years in state prison
DUI School
Fines and court fees

As you can see, your best option is to retain the best DUI defense lawyer you can to aggressively fight your charges.  Depending on your circumstances, Attorney Hallum may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed, if the evidence warrants it.  For a free consultation to discuss your situation, contact us today.

If facing a 2nd or 3rd DUI offense, call the Law Offices of Kenneth M. Hallum immediately!

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  1. Everyone should learn from the first time. A negative experience should have been a lesson not to repeat it. Do they think that if a celebrity does those, it is okay with them too? People should think and learn from all the things they do.

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