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What Are The Consequences of DUI With Injuries?

Consequences of DUI With Injuries If you have been arrested for DUI, driving under the influence, and injured someone in the process, you are facing felony charges and much more serious penalties.  Whether the injured person was a pedestrian, in another vehicle or in your own car, injuring someone raises the bar on the consequences to be expected.  Penalties can include 90 days to one year in a county jail …Read More

DUI Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara

What you need to know about DUI Breath and Blood Tests There are so many complexities to a DUI charge, from the various tests that a police officer will try to administer, to the possible arrest itself.  That is why Defense Attorney Ken Hallum personally handles every aspect and detail of every case he deals with.  He is knowledgeable of all the California DUI laws and what you should or …Read More