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Field Sobriety Tests For DUI

Types of Field Sobriety Tests A police officer has the right to pull someone over if he suspects intoxication.  Once this is done, the officer will attempt to determine whether the person is actually DUI by field sobriety tests.  There are a number of different types of field tests which can be given, but they must all be done exactly according to a certain protocol.  The tests were designed to …Read More

DUI Defense Lawyer in Santa Barbara

What you need to know about DUI Breath and Blood Tests There are so many complexities to a DUI charge, from the various tests that a police officer will try to administer, to the possible arrest itself.  That is why Defense Attorney Ken Hallum personally handles every aspect and detail of every case he deals with.  He is knowledgeable of all the California DUI laws and what you should or …Read More

DUI Defense Attorney in Santa Barbara

Drinking and Driving under 21 What chance do I have to win?  I’m underage, was drinking,  then was driving and now I’ve been arrested.  This is a common question which so many underage drivers have.   However, you have the legal right to a proper defense and you have every chance of winning your case. However, you must be aware that the penalties for driving under the influence when you are …Read More