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Santa Barbara DUI penalties increasing?

Assembly Bill AB 412, which applies only to Santa Barbara County, re-enacts an expired $5 penalty assessment for every $10 in base fines for drunken driving or other offenses that involve driving while intoxicated. Gov. Jerry Brown used his strongest language on the issue in a message he attached to the bill by Assemblyman Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara, which he allowed to go into law this week without his signature. …Read More

What Are 5 Ways Santa Barbara Drunk Drivers Get Caught?

Santa Barbara Drunk Drivers Out of an urban population of more than 300,000, Santa Barbara drunk driver arrests account for about 10% every single year. Almost 3,000 drivers are arrested for driving under the influence annually in Santa Barbara, which isn’t surprising. The law enforcement in this area are not as laid back and relaxed as the rest of the lifestyle and people are, so anyone who considers driving drunk …Read More