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Santa Barbara DUI Lawyers remind of the DMV license suspension “10-Day Rule”

The National Summer DUI Enforcement Campaign is in full swing in Santa Barbara County. The Summer DUI Mobilization Campaign began on August 21st and continues through September 7th. The Santa Barbara DUI Task Force “Avoid the 12” funding is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Edhat reports Santa Barbara DUI statistics for the first six days of this …Read More

Is Uber an answer to avoiding a DUI Santa Barbara?

There are many alternatives aimed at avoiding a Santa Barbara DUI. Uber,  from their homepage says, “YOUR RIDE, ON DEMAND Whether you’re headed down to State Street, up to Isla Vista, or to SBA airport, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride — from low-cost to premium — in minutes. Payment is automatic through the app and fares are usually cheaper than a taxi.” In two separate reports …Read More

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyers hear from clients arrested for a Santa Barbara DUI, “but I passed the field sobriety tests.” Did they?

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyers hear time and again from clients arrested for their Santa Barbara DUI, “but I passed the field sobriety tests.” The question and answer lies in not whether the clients actually passed, but are these tests really pass/fail? In an interesting article a reporter stands in the shoes of these clients on the pass/fail dilemma. In Lancaster, Pa. the news reporter undertook the task of drinking and …Read More

DUI Lawyer in Santa Barbara Launches New Web Site

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 4th, 2014, Santa Barbara CA: When drivers in Santa Barbara are arrested for DUI or failing a field sobriety test, they need to quickly find the top DUI lawyers in the area to represent their interests. The Law Office of Kenneth M. Hallum in Santa Barbara is responding to this need by launching a new user-friendly website, DUI805.com to make it easier to find DUI lawyers. …Read More

If you get pulled over for drunk driving, which should you do: breath test or blood test?

You’ve had 3 beers with friends and decide to drive home since you only live a mile from the bar. Just your luck, a cop stops you. You’re asked to blow into the Breathalyzer machine, what now?! Submitting to a Breathalyzer test before you have been arrested is voluntary, so you have every right to refuse this, and chances are you should to avoid incriminating yourself to drunk driving. If …Read More

Another Grant Issued to Help Combat Santa Barbara Drunk Driving

Santa Barbara County has received another grant to combat the number one killer on Santa Barbara Roadways, drunk driving. The $130,000 grant from The California Office of Traffic Safety will fund the task force ‘AVOD the 12’. The ‘AVOID the 12′ DUI Task Force is named to send the message that if you don’t drink or use drugs and drive, you will avoid getting arrested by any of the 12 …Read More