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Can a Driver’s License Suspension happen even without a DUI conviction?

Recently I was asked why their license showed a DUI suspension when the case was dismissed after review of the DUI arrest report. Santa Barbara DUI lawyers know that a mere dismissal, even one based on an insufficiency of the evidence, will generally not rescind the Administrative Per Se Suspension order of the DMV. The Administrative Per Se s uspension is a DUI suspension which differs from the driver’s license …Read More

Can the DMV Driver’s License Suspension hearing be rescheduled or continued to find a DUI Lawyer?

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyers routinely schedule hearings with the DMV following a drunk driving arrest, generally based on the DUI arrest report, and California Vehicle Code §13558(b) which states: “if the person wishes to have a hearing before the effective date of the order of suspension or revocation, the request for a hearing shall be made within 10 days of the receipt of the notice of the order of suspension …Read More

Underage Dui Penalties – Are They Less Severe?

Underage DUI Penalties – License Suspension and Fines   When it comes to getting a DUI, underage drivers are easily at most risk for the most severe punishments available. While they might not spend years in jail for an offense, there are many more consequences that are far worse for young drivers, including license suspension, fines, and even probation. Typically, most states have a law that any driver caught driving …Read More

DUI Defense Attorney in Santa Barbara

Drinking and Driving under 21 What chance do I have to win?  I’m underage, was drinking,  then was driving and now I’ve been arrested.  This is a common question which so many underage drivers have.   However, you have the legal right to a proper defense and you have every chance of winning your case. However, you must be aware that the penalties for driving under the influence when you are …Read More