How To Find A Santa Barbara Dui Lawyer To Fight Your Dui Defense
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How to Find a Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer to Fight Your DUI Defense

How to Find a Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer to Fight Your DUI Defense

A DUI is a serious offense and it could have lasting affects on your life. In many cases, you will be looking at having to pay a hefty amount of fines, you could have your license revoked, and you may even be facing jail time.

It’s never a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking, but the decision to do so doesn’t have to be one that negatively changes your entire life. Instead, you can rely on the help of local DUI lawyers who will help you fight your case.

There are a plenty of firms out there who claim to have the best DUI lawyers on their staff. However, you may be surprised when the time comes to hire them and you realize that they aren’t working for you as you had originally hoped.

In order to make sure that you get a DUI lawyer who will fight to help you get the least amount of punishment for your offense, here are some tips that you should consider during your search.

  1. Do They Specialize In DUI Related Offenses?

DUI related cases require their own special level of expertise and knowledge. That’s not to say that any competent lawyer won’t be able to help you in court, but you are much better off going with a DUI lawyer who is familiar with how these types of cases work.

Having this valuable insight will help you with your case, which could impact the severity of your sentence. The more that a lawyer knows about the laws relating to DUIs, the better your representation will be throughout your case.

  1. How Broad Is Their Expertise?

Not only should you be looking for a lawyer who specializes in DUI related offenses, but you may also want to take it a step further and see how specific you can get with your specific case.

For example, if you have been given an underage DUI, then it’s important that you look for a lawyer who can specifically help you in this area. Another consideration is to look for a lawyer who might specialize in DWI cases, as these have their own set of rules that need to be taken into account.

  1. What Is Their Reputation?

When it comes to finding a lawyer to represent you, it’s important that you find someone who has a strong and steady reputation among those that they have worked for in the past. You can bet that those who are looking at a DUI charge will want the best representation, and if they don’t get it they will be sure to express their frustrations.

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily hop online and find out what others are saying about a lawyer that you are considering working with. This could save you the trouble of hiring someone who won’t give you quite the representation that you were hoping for, especially if they don’t have a positive reputation from their previous clients.

  1. Do They Look The Part?

Whether you like it or not, your image and how you present yourself in court will likely make a big impact on your final sentencing. The same is to be said about your lawyer. Your lawyer is going to have more interaction with the judge and the prosecution, so it’s important that they are taken seriously and look the part of a reputable lawyer.

Sure, Californian’s are known for having more casual attire than most of the United States, but you should be looking for a Santa Barbara DUI lawyer who knows how to present him or herself when they are on the clock.

  1. Do They Explain All Of The Matters In Your Case?

DUI cases are full of legal jargon and confusing terminology that you may not be familiar with. Therefore, it’s important that you find a DUI lawyer who will give you complete explanations of everything that pertains to your case. For example, if you are agreeing to a DUI plea bargain, your lawyer should explain to you what exactly that means and how it could affect your criminal record moving forward.

Some lawyers out there may not think a regular citizen will understand all of the matters of their case, so they may not even try to explain things. However, if you want to feel comfortable getting information pertaining to your case, you have a right to look for a lawyer that will be accommodating with these requests.

  1. How Do You Feel When Working With The Lawyer?

Many people can attest to the idea that hiring a lawyer can sometimes feel like working with a used car salesman. However, this should not be the case. The top DUI lawyers are those who are not going to make you feel pressured or forced into doing anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. They also won’t try and rush your case just to collect a payment from you.

Feeling comfortable with your lawyer will help you relax a bit more during your entire proceedings. In addition, the way that your lawyer treats you may also be indicative of how they act in court as well. For example, if your lawyer doesn’t treat you with the respect that you deserve, they may also do the same with a jury or a judge. This is a good way for you to get on your peers bad side, so you should look to avoid working with someone who might make this type of situation occur.

  1. What Are Their Rates?

Prices for DUI lawyers can range from one end of the financial spectrum to the other. Therefore, it’s important that you talk to your lawyer beforehand and ask them how they will expect to be paid.

Some lawyers will work for a set fee that you will pay throughout the case. Others will want a retainer fee that you have to pay up front. In some cases, you may also meet with a lawyer who will expect to be paid every time you call or email them. This can really vary, so it’s important that you do your research before you determine who you want to represent your case.

From the moment you see those lights flashing behind you and you fail a sobriety test, your life is going to change. In order to make sure that the impact is as little as possible, consider these seven tips for hiring a DUI lawyer who will fight for you.

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