How Do I Evaluate A Santa Barbara Plea Bargain DUI

Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Explains DUI Plea Bargain Deals

DUI Plea bargainEvaluating A DUI Plea bargain

Being charged with a DUI in Santa Barbara is not uncommon. There are almost 3,000 arrests made every single year in Santa Barbara County, which is home to more than 300,000 residents. While 10% might not seem like a lot of DUI arrests,  it’s quite high compared to other areas of California. Santa Barbara has the pleasure of being right on the ocean and being notorious for good times and relaxation.

Unfortunately, too many people get too relaxed and then choose to drive home,  even when they are legally intoxicated. In some cases, a DUI plea bargain charge is offered instead of the actual charge, and offenders need to know how to understand what they are being offered and whether it is a good deal.

What if you are given a DUI plea bargain?

In almost all cases of DUI plea bargain, attorneys will tell you to carefully evaluate the offer. This involves three simple methods that can give you the opportunity to get a better punishment if you know what to look for.  These three ways to evaluate a plea bargain DUI case include:

  • Start by looking at what you are admitting to. If the charge is still a DUI and you have to plead guilty, consider that. If you were guilty, then this is less important, but still matters.
  • Look at the punishment you are offered. Usually, a dui plea bargain will be made in an attempt to give you less punishment and avoid court. If the fines, probation, jail time, or other punishments seem lower than what you could face in court, take the deal. If the punishment seems unfair and you think that you could do better in court, go for it by all means.
  • Before accepting a DUI plea bargain,  attorneys should be contacted to discuss your exact situation and the best option for you. Make sure that you let these people know where you stand and what exactly you are guilty of so
    that they can give you the best advice. A qualified lawyer will be able to help you determine whether the DUI plea bargain is good enough or if you have better odds in court.

Talking to a DUI lawyer is always important when you are charged with driving under the influence in Santa Barbara. You should never rely on your own knowledge or a public defender because you won’t get the best outcome
possible. Always know your situation and take advantage of the legal counsel that is available to you in your DUI plea bargain case.

When it comes to a DUI plea bargain – evaluate your options with professional DUI attorney and win your case.

About the Author: Kenneth M. Hallum is a DUI attorney from Santa Barbara. Would you like to learn more about DUI plea bargain deals, underage DUI penalties and other penalties for DUI?  Visit for more great insights into the world of DUI law.


  1. I concur, before accepting a DUI plea bargain make sure that a person contacts his/her lawyer right away. Is it always best to ask for advice from the person rather than taking on what you are not sure of.

  2. I believe that you should never drive under the influence. But in case the police did arrest you for that, the best solution is to have a professional lawyer who knows what to do and can help you to avoid the harsh punishment.

  3. Seeking professional help for a DUI plea bargain is the smartest decision. Plea bargaining in DUI cases depends on a number of factors and on the skill of the DUI attorney involved.

  4. Thank you for this insightful information. I love your articles, I have been checking out your site over the past few months, and I really like the content here. Anyone who is interested in DUI issues will find here interesting facts and great advice.

  5. Evaluating the DUI plea bargain is a must. If you are not sure about it, it is best to give your lawyer a call before you decide.

  6. A superb advice! Indeed, knowing what is in store for every option would help you land with the best decision especially involving an offense as serious as Santa Barbara DUI. Thus consult only with a qualified DUI attorney.


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