Tweeting Santa Barbara DUI checkpoints

Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Talks About Tweeting DUI Checkpoints

In two opposing articles in the Daily Titan of California State University Fullerton, “Yes it is ok to tweet DUI checkpoints” and “No it’s not OK to tweet DUI checkpoints,” the debate continues on this issue. As it is pointed out the local police departments usually publish the locations of these checkpoints a few days in advance.  As the one of the article points out; according to WDSU news, “By law, police have to inform the public within 24 hours of setting up a checkpoint. The neighborhood is identified, but not the exact street location.” So checkpoints are publicized, and tweeting is sharing publicized information. What do you think? If you are arrested for a Santa Barbara DUI you should contact the Law Office of Kenneth M. Hallum for a free consultation. Know your rights, options, and defenses, also follow me at for the latest updates on Santa Barbara DUI checkpoints and DUI related news.

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