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Can a Driver’s License Suspension happen even without a DUI conviction?

Recently I was asked why their license showed a DUI suspension when the case was dismissed after review of the DUI arrest report. Santa Barbara DUI lawyers know that a mere dismissal, even one based on an insufficiency of the evidence, will generally not rescind the Administrative Per Se Suspension order of the DMV. The Administrative Per Se s uspension is a DUI suspension which differs from the driver’s license …Read More

Top 3 Ignition Interlock Manufacturers Worth Reviewing After A DUI Suspension

As of 2009, nearly all 50 states have some laws regarding the use of ignition-interlock devices as an alternative to other methods of sentencing after a DUI or DWI suspension. In California, the court must legally impose the interlock device and only for a maximum of three years from the date of conviction. To receive a restricted license, some counties now require the driver to meet certain requirements, such as …Read More