Santa Barbara Dui Lawyer Explains Steps After Getting A Dui And Estate Planning

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Explains Steps After Getting a DUI and Estate Planning

After looking at your DUI arrest report, you need tofind: a good Santa Barbara DUI lawyer, a good notary, and a bail company. Then you need tomeet with your accountant, and rally family support. Your next task is to get in touch with your estate planning attorney.

While your CPA can help you with dealing with the financial aspects of your DUI arrest, an estate planning attorney will help you protect your assets and family should anything happen. You need to make sure a you and your family are protected financially. By planning for you and your family’s future, you can be sure you’ve made good choices.

Santa Barbara DUI lawyer explains the steps after getting a DUI. If you are facing a DUI, find out what you need to do for bail, notary, and estate planning law.

Estate planning is Essential

After a dui arrest, protecting your family and your assets, both private and commercial, should be one of your top priorities. The court system and litigation process can be brutal on your financial interests. Finding an attorney you can trust to assist you in managing your assets is key to protecting those you love and your financial support. We recommend these top three estate attorney’s in Santa Barbara:

Sean Mason assists clients in all phases of estate planning, trust administrations, and probate, including drafting and implementing the initial estate plan, closing the estate, and distributing assets. He works diligently with clients to minimize or eliminate adverse tax consequences and the costs of estate administration.

Mullen & Henzell L.L.P. combines the benefits of a personable small-town setting with the sophisticated legal practice and depth of experience more often found in large metropolitan areas. Many of the firm’s clients have business involvements throughout California and the rest of United States. We are proud of the quality of our legal work, and our involvement in the community in which we live and work.

Rogers, Sheffield & Campbell, L.L.P., is a full-service law firm with an impressive record of success, providing sophisticated and effective representation to our clients for more than 30 years. Our real estate, business law, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, estate planning, probate, and commercial transactions lawyers serve residents and businesses throughout California’s Central Coast

Knowing Whom to Trust

You have enough to worry about with getting your life back in order. Leave your DUI case and your financial issues in trusted hands. Your Santa Barbara DUI attorney and your Estate Attorney are your wing men in getting it back together. Protect yourself and your family while getting this all behind you by hiring the best Santa Barbara has to offer.

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